Many companies are shifting to digital advertising as a means of reaching their customer bases a customer’s habits for absorbing news and entertainment have shifted from the television, radio, and print media to the internet. Digital advertising is a drastically different animal than traditional forms of media with new options and concerns and this article will highlight some of the key factors that businesses should look into when selecting a provider of digital advertising services and their ad units. For more information about digital advertising and Internet Marketing Services visit Internet Marketing Team.

Placement and Type of Ad Unit

There are many different types of ad units that businesses can place on the websites that they are looking to advertise on. Standard ad units are known as banner ads and are just a block of an ad unit that can include a link to a website, some basic writing and photos of a product or service that the company is looking to sell. There are also options to have imbedded videos that are pre-roll video plays before a sit viewer can enter a website or will play a video upon a click of the video. High impact ads are those that take over the screen of a viewer and sometimes have some sort of animation or interaction that is imbedded in the ad unit.

There are of course a wide range of mixes between these ad units as ads can be automatically loaded, placed on the top or side of the screen or have some other neat features. Some banner ads, as an example, will scroll with the viewer and change as the viewer’s perspective changes. In addition, some of these ads can be effectively see-through in some spots so that they do not overwhelm the viewer but remain noticeable and add to the value of the advertising unit.

Cross Unit Advertising

Desktop computers partially displaced traditional forms of advertising and mobile devices did the same thing to desktop computers. Advertising units nowadays need to provide information to users on both desktop and mobile devices and digital advertising firms need to create ads that are properly displayed on all major desktop browsers and mobile devices for the best overall results. This can be challenging but should be of primary concern to users.