Many companies will look to improve on their website over time but find that their customers become alienated by these changes. Many individuals become accustomed to a website appearance and are not receptive to change, even when it is clearly needed. This article will provide some advice for introducing these changes in an effective way that does not offend your customers.

Start by explaining that a change is upcoming and that the website will add various features. Explain the reason for the change and the improved performance that the customer will anticipate. When the new site is rolled out be sure to explain what changes were made and how to use the new site to get what the user is trying to accomplish out of the website.

Finally, nothing is as offensive to a website viewer as a website that does not load properly or that has poor performance issues. Before a website is implemented with changes it should be properly tested and vetted with user groups to make sure that the site is operating effectively.

Adding Ancillary Income with the Internet

Small businesses often find it challenging to generate significant amounts of revenue during their initial development stages to cover their operating expenses. There are fortunately various ways that the internet can be used to help to generate revenue and to build up a greater revenue base going forward.

Companies have websites that generate a significant amount of hits. A company can use their website as a base to earn revenue by allowing advertisers to place ads on their website. While some customers can be offended by this process these ads can help a company to gain advertising revenue to help cover their costs. In addition, a company can refer to other manufacturers in their industry which can also generate referral revenue.

In addition, a company’s management can write thought pieces that can be published on online news sights and industry magazines that can help to generate attention for the company and serve as an introduction into the company and its products. This may lead to increased revenue for the company as potential companies review and learn about the company through these articles, furthering the company’s revenue base.